Here at M&M Monogramming, we know exactly what the special woman in your life would truly appreciate receiving on her special day—given the fact that M&M Monogramming is being run by mothers as well. We know that Mother’s Day is still about a month away, and that’s just enough time for you to prepare your special surprise. To help you out, here are some ideas for every kind of mom:

The Stay-At-Home Mom – Stay-at-home moms tend to be more laid-back and practical, therefore, items that are both homey and functional would be great gifts for them. Browse through our line of products under the categories ‘House and Home’ and ‘Bath and Spa’, wherein you can find tons of items that you can have personalized that she can use at home.

The Working Mom – For the working mom, give her something that looks presentable and can be used while she’s at work as well. Chances are, she’s very much attached to her smartphone, and a monogrammed phone case would be very usable for her. You can also surprise her with a roomy tote bag with lots of spaces for all of her work files and other necessary stuff.

The Fashionable Mom – Does your mom love all things stylish and trendy? If yes, then she’d surely love our range of products under the ‘Acrylic Jewelry’, ‘Jewelry’, and ‘Clutches and Purses’. We have a wide range of accessories that they can easily add as chic accents to complete their outfits.

The Active Mom – If your mom is someone who loves to travel, exercise, and basically just move around, then she’d definitely love to receive any of our items from the ‘Bags, Toes, and Luggage’, ‘Summer and Beach’, and some of our apparel including shirts and swimsuits. They can use and wear any of these pieces whenever your family goes on a trip or during her workout time.

The Expecting Mom – Are you about to have a baby sister or brother? Surprise your mom with customizable items from the ‘Babies & Kids’ category. Make it even more special by getting a gift suitable for the newborn baby’s gender.