When giving a gift, it's always nice to start with something that is a little more personal than just a gift card. I mean, gift cards are nice, but you always sit there and think, “I know you forgot and this was last minute.” Don't be that friend, the one that forgets, don't be that sibling, the that let's it slip. By giving a gift that is personalized toward the person who is going to receive it, you are showing that person you were thinking about them long before the important day.

Here are some great gifts to give at a price you can afford!


Monogrammed shades are a great gift because who doesn't want their initials on the sides of a pair of sweet sunglasses? I mean, many people over pay for the name on a pair of shades, why not have your name on them instead? At least then your friend can discern their shades from the pack of Ray Bands on the counter.

Cuff Bracelets

These are rather fashionable these days. This is a great piece of jewelry that can dress up or down depending on the time of day or the event. It's a very modern piece of jewelry that makes you stand out from the crowd rocking the latest Tiffany brand whatever. This is a piece that will make you stand out among the sea of conformity and know that you look good while you do it.


There is a large selection available, but the straw beach hat is the one that we're talking about here. These hats are great for the pool to help block the sun from frying your face, but they are a little generic. Putting a monogram on there for someone who is a sun goddess will make sure no one will walk off with it, and it will help spruce it up.