For professional or personal reasons, some of us use our middle initials and some do not. Some of us use initials instead of our first and middle names (like T.J. for "Thomas John") and some of us like to be referred to by our middle name and we drop the first name with no initial. Some of us use the first initial. Some of us have only a letter as a middle "name."

It is always very interesting how people choose to be referred to in their names. And we're not even mentioning those who have initials as part of a pseudonym (like some authors). However, as we have progressed culturally and historically, some initials or combination of initials have become very famous and transcendental, where millions of people around the world recognize the person by the initials that are used.

Here are some famous initials and initial "combos" that we think of in terms of the famous person whom they represent:
  • FDR
  • JFK
  • JRR Tolkien
  • JK Rowling
  • LBJ - this is tricky; who do you think of, a former U.S. president or one of the greatest pro basketball players of this generation?
  • W - this can grate on the teeth of some political wonks.
  • BHO - this grates on the teeth of politicos of a different persuasion from the ones above.
  • OJ Simpson
  • Louis CK

Do you have any others you'd like to include on this list? Can you go down this list and give the names that go with each of the initials? While we would love to put some of these initials on our products, do you have initials that resemble some of these people? We'd love to hear from you about your most famous initials!