Monogramming is one art that can be used to personalize a number of items from clothes, toys to fashionable items. This is one art that finds in place in today’s market where generic gift items are mass-produced for the consumption of the general public. The great thing about monogramming is that this will allow you to put a ‘stamp’ of ownership into an item. You no longer have to worry about a personal item that will look like the same item owned by the other person next in the grocery line. This art can work on many items, but can work best on the following things.

Monogrammed bags and wallets

Monograms will work best on all kinds of bags and wallets. You can use the initials for your first and last name to show ownership of bags and wallets. And since monogramming allows you to use different kinds of fonts, you can test some fonts that will look best on your bags and wallets.

Monogrammed classic slip-ons and shoes

Monogramming on shoes and slip-ons is usually done for kids. If the shoes are properly monogrammed, it’s easier to tell which shoes are for whom. In this type of monogramming, the usual practice is to use the first, last and the middle name initials. But if you are sending the gifts to pre-teens and teenagers out there, then the first, middle and last name initials will be used.

Monogram sweaters and shirts

You can also add some personality to sweaters and shirts. Monograms can be used as a way to express one’s personal styles and preferences- you can use a favorite word as monogram or you can use your initials as well. You can have fun with the words or letters you can add to your sweaters and shirts. Just be careful when using monograms on the sweaters and shirts of the kids. Never spell out their names so that they will not be duped by a person who pretends to know them using the names printed on the shirts.

Monogramming is both fun and functional that can work for all. Don’t forget to have fun and to sample different fonts and combinations to truly personalize the items that you want to send out as gifts to friends and family members.