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Cigar Ash Tray - Walnut

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Ash Tray
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***Carving***: We only carve in Times New Roman characters. We will carve exactly how you specify, whether you type in all caps, lowercase, upper-lower, etc. If monogramming, always specify if you would like the middle letter larger. In the text box, you can simply say: AMC, large M in the middle, OR AMC, large middle letter. If you want them all the same size, just say: AMC, all same size. By default, we will make the middle letter of 3 letters larger. For this product, if carving a name, we can carve up to 6 characters. ***Lasering***: We can do a lot more with lasering. We can do multiple lines of text and fancy designs. For custom text: Enter exactly what you would like up to 3 lines of text. Be sure to mention the font you would like. For example: Happy Wedding, 2018, From Aunt Jenny (use edwardian script) or Use edwardian script: Happy Wedding, 2018, From Aunt Jenny. Dimensions: 6" x 10"

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