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Amazing Gadgets Being Invented During Coronavirus Uncertainty
Hands Free Handle
With so much uncertainty today around the spread of germs, this amazing Hands Free gadget is one item out there that can help you breathe a sigh of relief. Just a simple acrylic tool with a handle and hook in the perfect place to help you open doors, navigate public restrooms, or punch public key pads without the fear of what germs make be lurking on those surfaces.
Hands Free Button Pusher
And the best part is that it all comes on a handy keychain, which makes it so much easier for keeping with you when you need it most. Buy a Hands Free Keychain for everyone in your family.  It makes a great gift for parents, and friends or family who are workers on the front lines. 
Everyone enjoys a neat invention with a practical purpose.
Hands Free Keychain

There is no need to worry about boring colors either.  This Hands Free tool comes in many fun colors to match your personality, even some glitter options too.  We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and doing your part to flatten the curve.  We can't wait until all of this is over and we can see everyone's smiling faces again.  But, until then, keep finding ways to spread love, not germs.

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