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Personalized Wine Glass

"The influence of a good teacher, can never be erased."

Teacher Appreciation week is approaching, and with the unexpected challenge that they have been faced with, I believe they are due even more praise and recognition then before. We have all had at least one teacher who has made a lasting impression on us. Our teachers push us to grow and reach for the stars; they instill the power of knowledge in each and every one of their students. The job of a teacher does not end once they step out of their classroom. Teachers work day and night to ensure each and every student receives an equal opportunity at success.  

All of the teachers in my life have played a role in my decision to become an educator myself. One teacher in particular that fueled my passion for education, was the now retired Exceptional Student Education teacher at Lawton Chiles High School. Her love and passion for her students was evident, she fought for the success of each student. She showed me just how important the fight for equal opportunities for every student is. Lets show our teachers how much they mean to us this year. 
 One of our most popular gifts for teachers is our Scout The BJ Bag. Teachers can use this bag to transport their work from the classroom to home, and it can be personalized!  You can visit our website to order and view our Scout bag options

I know after a long day, a teacher may need a glass of wine to unwind. Gift your favorite teacher with a cute personalized wine glass with their favorite bottle of wine!  We will be posting gift ideas on our Pinterest daily.  Lets work together to show our educators just how much they mean to us! 

 On Monday at 6PM we will be having our Monday Madness on Facebook. There will be 19 items listed at various discounts under the theme of Teacher Appreciation! We hope to see you there, virtually of course!  


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