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Why Using Your Local Embroiderer is Always a Good Idea

I don't know about you, but there is just nothing that I love more than going to my favorite local restaurants and shops. I have been working at small businesses since I was 15 years old, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Local businesses are what bring a community together. When we shop local we are supporting our friends, family, and neighbors. I know how tempting online shopping can be, but I do not want to live to see the day where mom-and-pop-shops are forgotten due to free two-day shipping. Call me an old soul, but interacting with the people in my community brings me joy that amazon can never 
match. There are a million reasons that I could list about the importance of shopping at small businesses, but for now I am going to tell you just a few important reasons to do business with local monogrammers

1. One-On-One Consultations
When you have your embroidery done at a local business, you are working one-on-one with someone who wants to make your vision come to life. Not only are you able to share your ideas, you can discuss color, size, design, and font; all with your item in front of you. The employees want nothing more than to turn your imagination into reality, which is why we work as a team when discussing your order. This type of hands on, personalized service simply can not be achieved over an email.

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2. Screen Resolution Varies 
Lately, we have all been doing a lot of staring at our phones and computers. I know quarantine has got a lot of us itching to shop online. Yet, the items we impulse buy don't always come in looking the way they were pictured online. When you are purchasing a personalized item on the internet, the font and the color can be hard to pick. You might have ordered a bag with a lavender monogram, but the color on the computer screen looks different on your phone, and will most definitely look different once it is in your hands. Due to varying screen resolutions, it is almost impossible to correctly depict the color going on your item. If you are placing your embroidery or vinyl order at a local business, then you are able to see the fonts and colors first hand. We can also help you color match a thread or vinyl color with the color of your item. There are no questions about what the finished product will look like when you are standing in a store working with another person.

3. We Fix Our Mistakes
Unlike online stores, when we make a mistake, we fix it. There is no dealing with shipping costs or vendors that do not respond because all you have to do is bring your item in to the store to be looked at. We recognize that we are only human and that mistakes can be made, so we are happy to fix any complications that take place that we are responsible for. When you are having an item personalized, you are adding a touch of love to a gift for someone special. There is no
reason to take a chance on the outcome of your gift when you can work first-hand with someone who wants to ensure your satisfaction with your item.

4. Community

Patronizing your local embroidery shop supports your community. When you choose local, you are ensuring jobs for your neighbors and putting dinner on the table for families. You are also investing in a business that gives back to the community you live in. Local businesses are the ones that sponsor your child's soccer team and donate to your school fundraisers and auctions. Local businesses are the heart and soul of the community. By supporting local shops, you are supporting your community and making lasting relationships. 

While we all know shopping online is very convenient and tempting, don't forget to support your communities' local businesses. We love each and every one of our customers and thank you all for allowing us to continue to work in the Tallahassee community. 

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